Thursday 7 May 2020 02:00:00 PM

Payments Payments Outage | Safaricom Mpesa

We are currently unable to process any of your payment requests.

The telco is experiencing a network issue affecting Mpesa services.

Update: We are not receiving notifications from the telco for your C2B transactions, we will reconcile them later based on your Mpesa statement. All your B2C/B2B transactions are not being processed because the telco is not reachable. Update: We are able to process your B2C transactions, however, the telco is not sending any confirmations despite the transactions being successful. Update: the telco has resolved the issue, we are able to receive incoming payments and update them accordingly. We are also able to update your B2C transactions with a final status. For any missing payments, kindly reach out to [email protected]

They are working on resolving it.